In 2009, a forum led by the Myanmar Positive Group (MPG) included six HIV-positive female sex workers. In a forum led by the Myanmar Positive Group (MPG) in 2010, 15 HIV-positive female sex workers were asked about their livelihoods and their livelihoods. They were able to discuss the challenges and issues they faced and lead the way in creating a network of regular connections. 2011 In April, with the support of Seedlings, 35 female sex workers from 10 regions across the country began networking.


To create a better social environment free of discrimination and equal rights for sex workers and free of HIV infection and HIV-related harm.


Knowledge of sex workers. Performance Advocating for the reduction of discrimination at all stages of the HIV / AIDS process; Change laws and policies. Actively participate in design and development.

The purpose

Network Strategic Objectives


More than we take a place,
we are the ones who will create the space for the community